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Online SEO Tutorials for Small Business Owners

Do your own website SEO

Instead of paying as SEO company to do your website Search Engine Optimisation, lean how to do it yourself and save thousands.

No technical knowledge or programming skills are required, and anyone can manage their own SEO.

In fact, if you do it yourself, using the knowledge in my tutorials, you have the comfort of knowing you are doing it right.

Many SEO companies use outdated techniques that can harm your websites positioning within the search engine results.

Learn how to to SEO

SEO, WordPress & DIVI Tutorials

SEO Tutorials

20 years SEO Experience

I have been teaching and applying SEO since 1996.  To put that in context, Google was founded two years later in 1998!  I have the experience to help you with your own business website.

WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Experience

I have been using WordPress since it was first released in 2003. To get the best form SEO I always recommend using a website build with WordPress. A WordPress site can be easily optimised to take advantage or SEO.

DIVI Training

DIVI Training

There is a WordPress theme called DIVI which allows you to produce a beautiful looking website with minimum effort. Let me show you want you can achieve using DIVI, so that your business website stands out, above your competitors.


Check out my SEO and WordPress Tutorial Samples

Start learning SEO today and save thousands